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Send a free text message or SMS directly from your computer to mobile phones. Nothing to download, all you need is an internet connection and a browser. Fast, free, reliable, send a text today!

Free Texting App allows you to send free text messages online from your computer or smartphone. All you need is a web browser and internet. Send free text online from your computer or smartphone directly, with no need to sign up or ever make any payment. With the ability to send free text messages to most major world carriers, why would you want to pay? Send a text now!

Receiver rates

Texting is free for the sender, but regular rates do apply for the reciever. Please check with them before sending.

Free Text to mobile phones

Needless to say, all phones are supported. All major world carriers are supported.

Send free text message from computer

Found yourself without a cellphone and need to send a text? SMS your friends and family directly from your computer. Wheather on your laptop, or library computer, your message will be delivered.

Why Chose Us

Zero Cost

Perhaps you're not ready for additional phone expenses, or don't want to overpay on your pre-paid plan. Why pay when you can send a text for free?

Backup Plan

Ever find yourself in a bind with no cell phone? Need to send a text to mom? Perhaps your prepaid plan is out of minutes or your significant other "borrowed" your phone? We're here to help you out with free text

Reliable Delivery

We ensure secure & reliable text message delivery when you send SMS.

Unlimited Texting

Send text messages from your computer. No limits. Really, try it out